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Steering Shaft rebuild service

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Can't see the steering shaft you require in stock??
You can send us your steering shaft to be re-manufacutred and sent back to you.

The part in question here is the shaft that goes from the bulkhead to the steering rack, with a universal joint at each end. Not to be confused with the steering column.

At the time of writing this, Porsche discontinued all versions of the 924, 924S, 944 and 968 steering shafts which are no longer available through the main dealer network, making it almost impossible to source as a new genuine part, but also the aftermarket to our knowledge have never provided a solution.

At JMG Porsche we are able to rebuild your old worn out steering shaft with all new universal joints, but with custom made bearing seals and special grease to withstand the high temperatures experienced by these parts (especially in the right hand drive models where the shaft is very close to the exhaust manifold!)

The entire process several stages.
  • You complete your order here as if you were buying any other product, which at the checkout will include shipping (which will be for the shipping of your old part back to you) and print out your order confirmation email.
  • Package this order confirmation email along with your old worn out steering shaft and post it to us.
  • The part you send us is cleaned, stripped down and inspected for mechanical defects or weaknesses.
  • Once initial checks and tests are performed, the bare parts to be reused are media blasted back to bare metal and inspected again.
  • The units are then completely rebuild, with every bearing and seal replaced, of course using our special 9XX bearings, seals and high temperature grease, with the bearings securely located with original type staking.
  • More testing is performed to ensure the shaft assembly is within original specifications and that the shaft is 100% safe to be used.
  • Finally, the unit is painted in the correct paint with a satin finish, labelled, packaged and dispatched back to you.
Usually we try to turn this process around in three working days, which means if you take your old one off and post it to us one Saturday, you can often have the rebuilt item back and ready for fit for the next Saturday (UK mainland customers)

We are able to perform this rebuild service to the following models and part numbers, both left hand drive and right hand drive, but basically it covers all 924, 924S, 944 and 968 models!
Model Drive Porsche Part Number
Porsche 944 (all models)
Porsche 968 (all models)
Porsche 924S (all models)
RHD 945.347.027.00
Porsche 944 (all models)
Porsche 968 (all models)
Porsche 924S (all models)
LHD 944.347.027.00
Porsche 924 RHD 478.419.951.C
Porsche 924 Turbo & CGT RHD 478.419.951.D
Porsche 924, 924Turbo & CGT LHD 477.419.951.F

There has been talk on forums that the bearings to rebuild these are readily available and cheap. There are some cheap bearings available of the right size, but unfortunately they do not have the correct loading index to safely be used in car steering, especially a performance car and one which has heavy loads seen in these models (even the power steering models are heavy on the steering!).
The bearings we use are of the correct specification and special ordered and manufactured from a major bearing manufacturer, which have to be ordered in large quantities.
These bearings are specified by us to have high temperature seals, and are filled by us with high temperature grease as we rebuild the steering shafts.
These units are not rebuilt by any mechanic or engineer, they are rebuilt by the very same precision engineer who spent decades working for Penske Racing scratch building indicar (USA Version of Formula 1) steering and suspension components for the likes of Emerson Fittapaldi,.Michael Andretti, Al Unser Jr and Paul Tracy, as well as for the Porsche Penske Spyder LMP race car. You can be assured he knows what he is doing, and the end result is something better than the original Porsche factory component.

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