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Steering Shaft - Variant 05

Brand: B-Klassic  |  Condition: Refurbished  |  Product Code: RET-SSH-VAR-05  |  Weight: 2kg  |  

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Re-manufactured and improved intermediate steering shaft for the following models.

  • 924S - Left Hand Drive - Without Power Steering

  • 944 (All variants) - Left Hand Drive - Without Power Steering

  • 968 (all Variants) - Left Hand Drive - Without Power Steering

Our re-manufactured steering shafts have the following benefits over the original parts.

  • All moving/wearing parts replaced with upgraded components.

  • Higher temperature seals and lubrication used.

  • Latest standards in bearing specification and quality of materials.

  • Core components blasted and repainted.

Steering feeling notchy?

Increased dead-zone or slight sloppiness in your steering?

Steering not feeling quite as tight and responsive as your would expect?

If your answer to any of these questions is a “yes” then you maybe need to take a closer look at your intermediate steering shaft.

Located between the steering rack and the bulkhead, this items transmits the turning of the steering column into the steering rack. So any play or binding in this component, will cause either a degree of sloppiness or roughness at the steering wheel.

Any mechanical imperfection between the driver and machine can ruin the unique Porsche experience of excellent handling, feedback and control. This is especially the case with a worn or binding steering shaft.

There are two problems with the original 924, 944 and 968 steering shafts.

1 – The right hand drive versions.

Right hand drive has often been a slight oversight by Porsche during the design process, and with the standard right hand drive steering shaft, that oversight is one that the steering shaft is very close to the exhaust manifold and downpipe.

This closeness causes the steering shaft to pick up lots of heat, which in turn causes the seals to shrink, the grease to become less viscous and leak out past the “shrunk” seals!

Once the grease has escaped, lubrication is lost, wear occurs and water gets into the bearings causing corrosion.

Our steering shafts are re-manufactured using bearings with high temperature grease, and high temperature seals to help reduce the problems of heat damaging the original design.

1 – The left hand drive versions.

The left hand version of these steering shafts have another unusual problem. They do not suffer from the problems of heat as seen with the right hand drive versions, but instead their problems come from their reliability!

Because the left hand drive steering shafts are so reliable, they are rarely replaced. With these models now getting to be 30 to 40 years old, the chances are that the steering shaft is that old.

However because they are so reliable, Porsche never sold many as spare parts, and therefore stopped manufacture almost 20 years ago!

The rubber seals in these are not exposed to heat, but instead have been exposed to time. All rubber and most plastic components tend to degrade with age, and in the case of the left hand drive cars it is typically age which has caused the seals to fail, allowed the grease to escape and the bearings to wear and corrode.

The other problem this poses is that if the driver has had the car for a long time, they will often not notice the slow reduction in steering precision and feedback, therefore never knowing how bad the steering and feedback has become.

Our re-manufactured steering shafts benefit from higher temperature lubrication, higher temperature seals as well as modern seal and bearing materials developed to provide a longer lasting mechanism.

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