Standard 944 Parts

In this part of the online shop you will see standard parts for the Porsche 944 models.

All of the parts in this section are designed to be used to repair or restore a standard Porsche 944, usually where the standard parts are hard to obtain from Porsche main dealers, or a better alternative is available with standard performance as Porsche intended.

For modified parts, please view your cars modified parts options by clicking on the "JMG Porsche online shop logo" and then navigating to your model, and then select "modified parts", where you will find parts to improve your Porsche.

All the parts in this section will be identified as to what kind of part it is, or who have made it. You may see the following words used.

* Genuine - Generally this means the part is a genuine Porsche part usually in Porsche packaging.
* OEM - In short this means it is made by the people who make the part for Porsche.
* Aftermarket - This is generally another option for a part, not made by Porsche or OEM companies.
* 9XX - This is the parts development side of JMG Porsche.

9XX Parts are typically only developed when there is a gap in the market for a product not available to a standard we in the JMG Porsche workshop are happy with, or the original part is no longer available. These parts are generally not just copies of the original Porsche parts, but improved parts where with decades of hindsight, we have seen how the part could be improved to give improved lifespan or reliability without making a radical improvement to performance.

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer"