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Rear Wiper Delete kit

Brand: 9Republik  |  Condition: New  |  Product Code: 9Republik -REAR-WIPER-DELETE  |  Weight: 0.3kg  |  

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You may have seen this product sold elsewhere without realising what company was behind its design and development, which of course was 9Republik Performance Products.

In the 1990's Porsche released the Porsche 968 ClubSport into the world arena as a special lightweight version of the 968. One of the ways they removed weight was by the removal of the rear wiper motor, wiper arm and blade assembly.

Weight losses of up to 7KG's have been achieved through the use of this kit following removal of the rear wiper assembly including switches and wiring, much of that weight is saved by removal of just the wiper assembly.

The original 968 ClubSport item is rarely available today, costs up to twice the amount, is made of components that corrode and are not known to seal against the weather.

In 2002 9Republik developed this product to provide an elegant solution to completing the process of deleting the rear wiper from many Porsche cars.

This 9Republik item has the following benefits..

  • Is readily available here
  • Machined for a precise fit and finish
  • Made of composite non metalic components (no chance of corrosion)
  • A fraction of the weight of the 968CS part
  • Lighter weight than other solutions available anywhere
  • A fraction of the price of the original 968CS part
  • Uses a double seal to ensure a waterproof and airtight solution
  • Produced in black to work well with all body colours
  • Designed to maintain the factory look
  • Fits 924, 944, 968 and some 911 models (Call for details)
  • Easy assembly - the two halves screw together, no tools required (other than to remove the original rear wiper assembly)

At JMG we have seen many alternative solutions over the years, ranging from adhesive tape (that peels off and looks bad), rubber bungs (that look bad, leak or fall out) and various solutions from other manufacturers which oxidise, rust, leak or are very heavy. The 9Republik solution is by far the best solution we have ever seen or used.

Removal of the original wiper assembly takes a very short amount of time and very basic tools to complete, with installation of this part taking seconds and no tools other than your fingers, yet once the tailgate is closed, its virtually impossible to steal.

What more can we say other than to advise against the other solutions which ruin the look of your car, allow leaks, corrode or just do not work!

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