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Spanning two decades, we have been known for providing the very best gear selector parts for the Porsche 924 and 944 with our PrecisionShift, RoadShift and RaceShift. We have sold hundreds of these over the last two decades and have never heard of one wearing out!

Now the RaceShift V2 is available, offering all new construction, from all billet machined core components, made of stainless steel, aluminium and composite materials with a reduction in gear throw of 50% compared to the standard rear linkage.

This part will fit all five speed 924 and 944 models and replaces the rear gear linkage, situated at the back of the car, mounted on top of the transmission.

The original Porsche part is unfortunately made of a combination of low precision made, low grade mild steel, plastic and rubber components. The mild steel items corrode, with the corrosion acting as an abrasive against the plastic components, which in turn causes a baggy, un-precise process of changing gear. The rubber components even when new, cause the gear lever feel to be sloppy.

Jon at JMG Porsche has written three interesting articles on the problems with the Porsche 924 and 944 gear linkages. You can find them on the following links.

The RaceShift is designed using the very best materials to be more precise, offering better feedback than even a new Porsche assembly of parts but with the added benefit of a 50% shorter throw between gears, compared with the original.

Our kits also are the only replacements for the rear linkage which include a new cross-brace to delete the rubber bushes, with spherical bearings in their place, but also to offer adjustment.

All 944's are designed with the gear lever and gear positions to be biased for left hand drive cars, which is governed by the cross-brace. All our shifts feature a fully adjustable cross brace so that this is adjustable for your comfort. Not only adjustable, but adjustable “on the car”. Once installed, just undo the two lock nuts, adjust the centre tube and watch your gear lever central position move left to right!

Lets take a look at why the 9Republik RaceShift is better than the original.

Materials Benefits

  • Machined stainless steal main shaft (Rather than corrosive low grade mild steel)
  • Spherical bearing and billet aluminium replacement for the pivot blocklet (Rather than fast wearing injection molded plastic)
  • Machined billet stainless steal transmission lever (Rather than corrosive cast iron)
  • Stainless steel aircraft quaity cross bar ends (Rather than spongy rubber)
  • Aircraft grade anodised aluminium cross bar (Rather than pressed corrosive steel)
  • All fasteners made from the highest grade stainless steel

Design Benefits

  • More precise than the original part by Porsche or other alternatives
  • 50% reduced throw between gears (measured at the cabin on the gear lever)
  • Better feedback through the gear knob when changing gear
  • Very precise gear changes and location (You could install a Ferrari style H-Gate it is that precise)
  • Main shaft will not corrode, which on the original eats the pivot block alive!
  • Pivot block replaced with spherical bearing
  • Increased strength to reduce flex.
  • Cross brace ends are spherical bearings to increase precision and feedback.
  • Cross brace is adjustable (on the car) to precisely adjust in car ever positions.
  • Fully servicable – If it were to wear out, we will sell you any spare part.
  • All parts machined to a tolerance of a hundredth of a millimetre.
  • Follows the original parts design style, so does not look too out of place

Installation is simple and can be completed as a saturday afternoon project with very few tools.

In the two decades we have made these available, only two have ever been returned, both damaged due to installation error (not being tightened up!) and both have been repaired for the customer and returned with advice to not forget to tighten the 3 bolts that install it (Yes, only 3 bolts to install this kit!)

We have even had emails from customers who have purchased one of these as a used part from a car which has suffered an “end of life event” (Crashing) and written to us with how impressed they are with the kit! Although we would prefer you buy a new one, it just goes to show that this kit stands head and shoulders above the alternatives.

It may not be the cheapest alternative, but having tested all the ones we have found in the market, our shifts are without doubt, the best in terms of quality and driver feedback. The quality remains, long after the price is forgotten.

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