Porsche Boxster 986 and 996 Speaker Upgrade kit (without speakers)


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Product description

This is the 9XX - Speaker adapter kit for 986 and 996 Models - Without Bose Hifi option.

This kit comes with everything you need, apart from the speakers, to upgrade the dashboard speakers in a 1996-2004 Boxster or the dashboard or/and rear speakers in the Porsche 996 (Targa, Carrera, Cabrolet, Turbo, GT2 or GT3) to aftermarket speaker units, rather than the rather low quality paper cone speakers they had from the factory.

This kit includes

  • - 2 x Speaker fame adaptors.
  • - 4 x Speaker clamps.
  • - 2 x Speaker wiring adaptors.
  • 1 x Installation manual.
  • 1 x Installation tips and tricks sheet.
And works with the following speakers.
  • Alpine SXE 1025S (Europe)
  • Alpine SPE 10C2 (Europe)
  • Alpine SPG 10C2 (Europe)
  • Alpine SPS-410 (North America)
  • JL Audio C2-400X (worldwide)
Fitting of this kit typically takes between 30 mins and one hour, requiring only a screwdriver for fitting. In some cases we have found that the standard speaker grills have been fitted with Torx screws, in this case you may need a torx security key which is also available in the JMG Shop..

This kit allows you to retain the original factory speaker grills and wiring without modification away from factory parts (other than this kit and the speakers) so it is completely reversible.

Sometimes installation requires the removal of one or two of the speaker "lugs", which can be performed with a set of wire cutters, as these lugs are designed to be cut off and our kit is designed to clamp the speakers with the frame, not the lugs.

This product was designed over 12 years ago by 9xx, the modified parts side of JMG Porsche, with the assistance of engineers at Alpine, a composites engineer and a prototyping engineer. Since then we have sold hundreds of these kits, with probably only 3 or 4 returns, which always turned out to be installation error (not reading the enclosed instructions)

Technical support for this product is available during office hours on 01202 488800, by specialist Porsche trained technicians who's first language is English, not overseas call centres or car hifi install technicians.

When buying this item, please remember to specify which speakers you plan on using (such as European Alpines, American Alpines, or JL)


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