Porsche 944 and 924S

In this section you will find parts for your Porsche 944 or 924S.

The 924S is included in this section, because it uses a 944 engine, transmission, braking system, steering and suspension. It is more of a 944 narrow body, with which comes lightness and lower drag, but without the wider track width.

In this section you will see standard and modified parts.

Standard parts are what should be used if you want your car to remain completely standard in appearance and performance. However some of our modified parts have been designed to be stealthy, so it may be worth checking out what is available in the modified section as well.

Modified parts are generally parts to modernise your Porsche 944 or improve its performance or appearance. Many of these parts have evolved since Porsche designed the car, and may not look out of place even on a factory fresh garage queen.