Original (Standard) Chips

JMG Porsche have the last remaining factory engine management chips for most Porsche models.
These are the very latest revisions of software and maps for each model, which are completely factory approved standard chips.
There are many reasons you might want to buy these for your Porsche.
  • Your car may have been modified with a performance chip and you wish to return it to standard.
  • You may be suffering from what might seem like failure of the ECU (DME/KLR) which is often due to age related EPROM failure.
  • You might want to ensure your Porsche is running the very latest version of the factory approved software, usually only available by buying a new engine management computer (ECU/DME/KLR) and will have been improved during the production life of the car.
  • You might like to be able to use the factory diagnostic port, which becomes disabled when you fit a performance chip (not many people realise this is the problem!)
The chips are not just programmed with the standard software and data, but also have the original Bosch UV Protection sticker with the correct Bosch part number for your chip, so will satisfy inspection by an insurance company engineer following an accident, to prove that your car does not contain a modified chip, which could invalidate your insurance unless declared.

To select the right chip for your car, please select the model and model year of your Porsche bellow, where you will be told what part number DME or KLR your car should have, along with the correct chip number for the latest software and maps version for your Porsche.