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OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Porsche do not make the vast majority of parts even today, but instead sub contract them out to other companies, such as Bosch, VDO, Mahle and many more.

Many online shops may advertise that a part is OEM, but often this is not the whole truth, but a twisted truth that the manufacturer may be an OEM to another car make, or in some cases have never really been an OEM to any car manufacturer!

In this section of the JMG Porsche website, we list products from the real OEM suppliers to Porsche, in other words, the same parts but in a different box, but at a lower price than from the Porsche main dealers, using information gathered over decades of opening Porsche parts boxes and discovering the real manufacturers logo or part number on the parts within.

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944 Impulse Sender (speedo sensor)
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