Fuel Pressure Regulator - 3.0 Bar - Screw fit hose type


Product description

This fuel pressure regulator is the correct part for the following models.
Model Years
944 Turbo with 9XX Stage 1 or Stage 2 Chipset 1986 - 1992
944 Turbo with Promax Level 1A or Level 2 chipset 1986 - 1992
944 Turbo with Guru Chips 1986 - 1992
944 Turbo with Vitesse MAF Kit 1986 - 1992
944 Turbo with Lindsey Racing Chipsets 1986 - 1992
944 Turbo with Rogue Tuning MAF or Map sensors 1986 - 1992

The specification for this part is as follows.
Static Fuel Pressure Fuel rail mounting type Fuel return hose fitting
3.0 Bar Push fit with two mounting bolts Screw on fitting, as with 88-92 944 Turbo models.

Please note, These are not intended for standard cars, the standard 944 Turbo uses a 2.5 Bar fuel pressure regulator, of which there are two types listed in our 944 standard parts section of the shop.

This part is compatible with the following part numbers.
Bosch Part Number Porsche Part Number 9XX Part Number
Bosch never made a 3.0 Bar fuel pressure regulator with a screw on return hose.
Unique 9XX Product !!!
Was never a factory option from Porsche.
This part is strictly for tuned cars.

This product is something only recently available with the 9XX Brand entering the fuel pressure regulator market following years of development.
This product is a version of the 3.0 Fuel pressure regulator often used for tuning the 944 Turbo, but with a screw fitting hose, as is standard on the 944 Turbos made from 1988 to 1992.
Prior to the development of this product, when you tuned the 944 turbo and needed to use a 3.0 Bar fuel pressure regulator, you needed to fit the earlier 944 turbo fuel return hose from the 1986 to 1987 models.
Now with this product you can use the correct fuel hoses for your Porsche 944 turbo when using it with performance chips requiring a 3.0 Bar fuel pressure regulator!

The benefits of this part are.
  • Evolution - Unlike the original part, this item has benefited from continued improvements.
  • Modern components - This part is ethanol friendly, for use with modern fuels containing ethanol.
  • High quality materials - This part is made to a quality level, not down to a price point.
  • Guarantee - This part has a full two year return to base guarantee (As you would get from Porsche).
  • Quality control - This part has been tested in the 9XX fuel lab on a Bosch approved fuel test machine to be within specifications as laid out by Bosch and Porsche.
  • Environmental plating - The original Bosch yellow plating process uses chemical processes now outlawed in Europe, this parts major cosmetic difference is not being plated using this process.
  • Standard looking part - Other than using the silver coloured plating process rather than yellow, this part has been designed to look as close to the original Bosch part as possible without breaching patents with Bosch or Porsche.
Fuel pressure regulators can fail in a number of ways with various symptoms including.
  • Poor fuel economy (gas mileage or miles per gallon / MPG)
  • Loss of performance
  • Hesitation
  • Misfires
  • High exhaust emissions (potentially failing your local roadworthy tests)
  • Exhaust smoke
We recommend that if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, that you have your fuel pressure checked by a competent garage, however, fuel pressure regulators do also have a finite lifespan as they contain rubber components which degrade with age. Therefore if your fuel pressure regulator is over 5 years old it may require replacement. If it is over 10 years old, it certainly is in need of replacement.

Important notice.
9XX only develop products in response to a need or gap in the market place.
Due to Bosch discontinuing manufacture of this part, along with the subsequent move by Porsche Classic to buy all available stock from Bosch, 9XX found that the only available fuel pressure regulators for the Porsche 924S, 944 and 968 Models were either ones in stock at Porsche, with limited availability at £260 plus local taxes, or very poor quality items originating in China but sold by several companies around the globe hinting at their origins being outside of China (such as Italy for example), which seem to be very poorly made, suffer from incorrect fuel pressure regulation. It is feared that they may leak fuel and become a fire hazard.
We have contacted one major Italian parts brand about the irregularity of their product, and they refused to comment or confirm the parts were made in Europe.

One tell tale sign of the cheap Chinese fuel pressure regulators is the design of where the vacuum hose pushes onto the regulator. A Bosch, Porsche or 9XX Part has a swollen area at the end of the fitting, known as a barb, flare or rolled edge to help secure the vacuum hose, the Chinese parts only have a flat cut off tube fitting.

9XX Developed their range of fuel pressure regulators as a high quality alternative to the cheap Chinese parts, with no regard to price, but only to quality, which result in a part which we believe is even better than the original Bosch parts, as sold by Porsche.

Here are some close up views of the correct vacuum hose port design, as found on our 9XX fuel pressure regulators.

9XX Fuel pressure regulator vacuum port, same as Bosch/Porsche design.
As you can see, the 9XX Part has a correctly formed vacuum port, which is a detail missed by the cheap Chinese copies.
In contrast, in the following photo we have one of the Chinese low cost parts.

Notice how the cheap Chinese part does not have the correctly formed fitting for the vacuum hose to connect to, with no swollen lip to help retain the hose. This is not just a small detail, but the acid test of a quality fuel pressure regulator.
Also notice the Chinese part is plated in yellow plating, which tends to use a process now outlawed in Europe and many countries around the world due to the chemicals involved being harmful to the environment.


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