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Fuel System

Fuel Injector Remanufacture Service

Fuel Injector Remanufacture Service

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This is not your typical "Ultrasonic cleaning, testing and new nozzles and seals deal" you get from the many companies on the Internet.
Our re-manufacture service involves the following steps.
* All injectors are externally cleaned and inspected for external damage.
* All injectors are tested for coil resistance against specifications.
* All injectors are flow tested against specifications.
* All Injectors are latency tested (the delay in the injector opening and closing) against specifications.
* All Injectors are then stripped down completely to bare components.
* All injectors bodies are then stripped of all paint back to bare metal.
* Injectors are then internally and externally cleaned through several heated ultrasonic chemical baths, including acid, alkaline and detergent baths, with rinsing between cleans.
* Injectors internal parts are then cycled through mixed duty, as if being driven hard, while in a final ultrasonic cleaner with back flushing also.
* Injector bodies and internals are then put through their paces, tested again for flow, resistance and latency.
* If the injectors pass, they are then, repainted, rebuilt with all new genuine Bosch parts, including nozzles, seals, internal filters and internal seals, then internally lubricated with anti corrosion oil.
* If any of the injectors do not pass, we will then run them through the cleaning cycle again, or in completely fatal cases, we will call you with options, including us adding just a small charge for swapping the bad injector for one in stock, for a small charge, this is usually around £35 per injector, plus the usual rebuild price you will have paid for here on the online shop.

We do not know of another company in the UK who do as much to ensure your fuel injectors are rebuilt to this standard. Our remanufactured injectors come with a full two year warranty and are guaranteed to be returned to you in as-new condition, running within specifications set by the manufacturer, with genuine parts used.

The way it works is.
* You select the amount of injectors you will be sending us in the quantity here, into your shopping basket.
* Make your payment and complete the purchase of the items in your shopping basket.
* Package your injectors and send them to us, with a print out of your order email or completion page from the website.
* Once we receive them, we will process them over the next two working days and get them sent back to you as soon as we can. (usually if you send them one weekend, you will have them back in plenty of time for the following weekend.

If you are in a hurry, we can provide a special service, where if we have your type of injectors in stock (we usually do) we can charge a small surcharge (£45 per injector) on top of what you pay here, send out a set of injectors right away, and then refund your surcharge once we receive and process your ones. (if any of the injectors are unserviceable, then the refund is not made, but we can usually restore 90% of the injectors we get sent, even if they are completely non functioning when we receive them.

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