FRONT SHIFT V3 - 9XX Improved gear lever for the 968


Product description

The 9XX Frontshift V3 is an improved replacement for the original Porsche 968 front gear shift lever mechanism made entirely from stainless steel.

  • Will not suffer from the cycle of corrosion and erosion than an original part.
  • Designed and manufactured with tighter tolerances than the original for improved feel.
  • Direct replacement compatibility for ease of installation
  • Comes with new nylon ball cup bearing
  • Comes with new spring spacer

The original Porsche part suffers with rapid wear, caused by a vicious circle of corrosion, abrasion and erosion. Partly due to the original parts location exposing it to damp conditions, but also due to the selection of materials and design used in the original part.

We recommend you read the following articles, to understand the causes of poor gear selection feel on the 968, but to also understand how this product has improved on the original part.

924, 944 & 968 Gear Shift Issues Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

The 9XX FrontShift V3 has been designed and manufactured to ensure it can be installed as a direct replacement for an original part, but with superior materials which will not corrode and closer manufacturing tolerances than the original Porsche item for more precise gear selection that will outlast the official Porsche part.

This part is unique to the Porsche 968 and will not work on the Porsche 944 or 924


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