ECU's & Sensors

The brain that keeps your engine running in a 944 is called the DME, on Turbo models there are two brains, the DME and KLR.
The engine management system relies on several sensors to keep your engine running perfectly, some of these are or will be added here.
We also stock the chips that contain the software, fuel and ignition maps for your Porsche.

In the past there have been a lot of dubious chips available for the Porsche 944, some of which could be damaging to your engine or causing poor emissions, rough running, poor fuel economy or any number of other issues so it is understandable that some people would like to have standard factory chips in their Porsche, there also can be insurance implications.

For this we can provide original factory chips for your car, even correct down to the right foil sticker.

We also can provide slightly modified versions of these chips, with the latest revision of Bosch software, and slightly tweaked maps for the current and near future ethanol content in modern fuels.

When ordering a chip, we will require the part numbers for your ECU, which will be printed on a sticker on the ECU or ECU's themseleves, typically there will be a 11 digit Porsche part number, probably starting with 944 or 951, and a 10 digit Bosch part number starting in something like 0-261- If you can not find yours, we can help, just call us.