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Boxster 986 (96-05)

There was time when used examples of the Porsche Boxster could be brought for very little money, but like all classic Porsche, the motoring world woke up to how great this mid engined Porsche really was and prices have increased vastly. No wonder really as the mid engined layout really makes this car handle far beyond what you could dream of.
One of the best aspects of the Boxster is that it can be improved even further, to the point that they can embarrass the flagship 911 models in both performance and handling. 

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9X6 Speaker Adapter Kit for fitting Alpine Europe Speakers (W/O Speakers)
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£83.94 inc. VAT
9X6 Speaker Upgrade kit for fitting Alpine Europe Speakers (With Speakers)
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£143.94 inc. VAT
Fuel Injector Remanufacture Service
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£114.00 inc. VAT
Special tool for removing speaker grills and speakers
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