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About Us

JMG Porsche Ltd is an independent Porsche specialist garage based in Ferndown, just north of Bournemouth on the south coast of England.

Owned by Jon Mitchell, but with its origins with his father, John Henry Mitchell set up in the 1970's, JMG Porsche is most famous for it's modification, servicing, diagnosis and repairs of Porsche cars.

Jon is an engineer with a speciality in thermodynamics as well as a factory trained technician and author of Porsche books. He also is the driving force behind promoting the 9Republik Brand, where he designs improved Porsche parts, as well as working with manufacturers in the design and development of parts to improve your Porsche.

The shop side of the site is mainly stocked with 9Republik, BKlassic and other high quality product lines, designed and manufactured parts, which tend to be made in the United Kingdom from the best quality materials without compromise.

9XX was a brand name used since the 1970's by the Mitchell family for Motorsport parts for Porsche cars, but about 20 years ago a few other businesses started using 9XX as a brand name, probably through not knowing better, so 9XX turned into the protected trademark that is 9Republik.

Today we also include what we call comfort parts (interior or audio parts) and restoration parts, which are typically parts where Porsche have stopped making the original parts, so we have designed an alternative, or have developed a process to overhaul the original parts to as new or better condition.

JMG Porsche also have specific specialist equipment for some processes, such as the official Bosch approved equipment to overhaul and rebuild Bosch fuel injectors.

Should there be a part which you are having problems obtaining, or you have discovered a part which has a design fault in the Porsche world, please feel free to contact us, as we may be interested in designing an alternative part, where you could be our beta tester and obtain the final part for yourself.