9XX 55Lbs Injectors for 944 Turbo

Product description

 As your BHP levels approach 325 BHP on a 944 turbo, even if the standard fuel injectors are in as new condition, they begin to struggle to flow enough fuel to keep up.

At this level you need to upgrade your fuel injectors to 55lbs items to ensure enough fuel flow is available, otherwise as the injectors struggle, mixtures become lean and eventually you could destroy your engine!

These 9XX injectors for the 944 turbo are able to deliver enough fuel to produce 400 BHP!!! A special nozzle design ensures that the fuel is atomised perfectly and is directed straight down the inlet port to provide the perfect combination of power and idle stability (low rpm road manners)

Cars with these injectors do not suffer from emissions problems when tested due to their advanced design.

No other Porsche tuning company sells these exact injectors, they are especially made for 9XX by one of the worlds biggest injector manufacturers to exact standards and specifications.

The injectors have been designed with active coils to a specification to ensure that when used at 3.0 bar, on a 944 turbo, they match the current drain of standard injectors, unlike the ones sold by other vendors which require balast resistors to avoid overheating your ECU!! Thats just a patch for poorly matched components!

These injectors can be installed in well under an hour by our experienced technicians at the JMG workshop, call 01202 488800 for a price and appointment. Or alternatively you can install as a small DIY project which should still take you less than an hour.

Our price is 4, 55lbs flow matched injectors from 9XX Performance Porsche products