9XX - Clubman stage 2 wastegate


Product description

9XX Clubman Stage-2 Dual Port Wastegate (951) Kit

This wastegate kit is what we fit to all our customers tuned 944 turbos where under 400 BHP is the target.

The wastegate is made from all new components, nothing of the original wastegate is used and you do not need to send us your old wastegate (its over 20 years old, made of cast iron and has had its day!)

This wastegate is precision made from aluminium, steel aloys and stainless steel, will not ever rust on any of the internal components and comes with a garauntee against severe corrosion, should never jam or stick and uses technology from this century rather than the last one!

In addition this wastegate is whats known as a dual port design, which means that it recieves a boost signal to keep it closed, as well as one to open it, therefore loss of boost at higher RPM is avoided, your turbo spools up sooner and your car becomes faster!!!

Many of the other dual port wastegates available elsewhere we have tested suffer from sticking, boost creep or even in many cases falling off of your car. This item uses no bodged brackets and is not just a anodised red dual port head fitted to an old worn out wastegate like the competition!

This wastegate also benefits from a 46mm valve assembly to ensure when your boost reaches your specified limit (by boost controller not included) that it can dump the maximum amount of exhaust gas to quickly bring your boost to the exact level you set!

In addition, the kit comes with all parts required to install this item,it will connect to the standard or aftermarket exhaust system.

This wastegate can be used with the standard 944 turbo setup without a boost controller or chips. It can also be used on chipped cars and with the purchase of an additional manual boost controller it can also be used in dual port mode.. See our shop for the manual boost controller.


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