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9Republik - GT/Motorsport Fuel Pump

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Fuel pump for modified 944, 924S and 968 Models.

Tests have shown that the standard Porsche 944 Turbo  fuel pump runs out of flow abilities at about 320 BHP if its in perfect running condition leaving even at 300 bhp very little margin for error. However with age these fuel pumps can flow only enough fuel for 200 BHP.

The standard fuel pumps on the non turbo Porsche models flow even less fuel!

The 944 2.5 (including turbo), 2.7 and 3.0 fuel pumps suffer with even closer margins with typically a capacity to deliver enough fuel for 30 BHP more than standard.

However as time passes and the pump wears this capacity shrinks to the point where the standard fuel pump can possibly not provide enough fuel for even standard levels of tune!

The 9Republik GT fuel pump is a great upgrade for anyone wishing to ensure they have enough fuel capacity to run with power levels of anything up to 450 BHP (Possibly beyond) with a margin for error.

Our GT or Motorsport fuel pump kit are designed to directly replace the standard 944 fuel pump without cutting your fuel pipes of the inconvenience of having to have pipes made especially. Unlike the Bosch 044 pump which others sell, which requires adapters and is limited in flow because of this.

This item can be installed by our technicians in well under and hour at our JMG workshop, or alternatively you can DIY install without too much of a problem.

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