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When Porsche produced the 996 many purists almost choked at the idea of a water cooled 911, but the passage of time has seen this car now be appreciated for not only it's improvements in every department, but also for its now iconic body lines that just become even more easy on the eye as time passes by. It is not without a few model specific problems, but nothing that can not be sorted out with the right improved parts!

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9X6 Speaker Adapter Kit for fitting Alpine Europe Speakers (W/O Speakers)
In stock
£83.94 inc. VAT
9X6 Speaker Upgrade kit for fitting Alpine Europe Speakers (With Speakers)
In stock
£143.94 inc. VAT
Fuel Injector Remanufacture Service
In stock
£114.00 inc. VAT
Special tool for removing speaker grills and speakers
In stock
£11.94 inc. VAT