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944/924S PRO Balance belt sprocket lock tool

Brand: B-Classic  |  Condition: New  |  Product Code: 9XX-TOL-BSS-944,924  |  Weight: 0.3kg  |  

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 This tool has been designed to replace the original Porsche special tool for holding the balance shaft sprocket still while the retaining bolt is removed.

Without this tool the balance shaft sprocket will rotate as your trying to remove the retaining bolt. This tool locks into the sprocket itself and allows it to be held still without damaging the sprocket.

The original tool had a habbit of breaking over repeated use in the dealership or workshop and most Porsche workshops no longer have this special tool because of breakages.

This replacement tool has been re-designed and manufactured using current materials with a cost no object method. Unfortunately this does mean that this tool is not cheap by any means and will last any pro-Porsche technician a lifetime.

At JMG all our technicians are provided with these tools to ensure customers cars are worked on in the very best way and we fail to see how any Porsche pro can perform a water pump or front engine oil seal replacement without this tool and without damaging the balance shaft sprockets.

This item is manufactured entirely of billet aluminium (high specification) and titanium.

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