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944/924S PRO Balance belt hold down tool

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 One of the most awkward parts of replacing the balance belt on a 944 (all models) is that you need to feed the belt around the crankshaft sprocket then the upper balance shaft sprocket and then around the lower balance shaft spocket, then finally fitting the balance belt tensioner.

The worst bit is... to fit the belt around the lower balance sprocket and fit the tensioner, the belt jumps off of the upper balance belt sprocket or skips a tooth (which you normally discover later!!)

This tool is designed to lock onto the upper balance shaft sprocket with the belt fitted, holding the belt onto the sprocket, under tension so that its timining does not skip on either the crank or the sprocket, leaving your hands free to get under the car to feed the belt around the lower sprocket and fit the tensioner.

Made from billet aluminium, this is a must for all Pro-Porsche technicians and streamlines the entire belt replacement proceedure.

Porsche never made a version of this tool and Porsche technicians have complained about this job since 1982.

Jon Mitchell was unhappy with the process since 1988 and designed the original version of this tool to assist in belt replacements. Sometime after 2001 he enlisted the help of one of the previous Penske Racing engineers to redesign and build a more precise and robust version of the tool, which is now in use at specialist and main dealers around the world!

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