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944/924S Cam and Balance belt tensioning spanner

944/924S Cam and Balance belt tensioning spanner

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 The original 944 engine from 1982 through to 1987 used a manual belt tensioner for the cam and balance belt requiring a special shaped spanner to adjust the tension before locking off the retaining nut.

The 944 from 1987 through to 1992 also requires this tool, but only for the balance belt tensioner.

This special spanner is cranked (has a bend in it) to fit the unusually shaped tensioner roller, but also to avoid other front engine hardware. It also has to be thin enough on the jaws to allow another spanner or socket to be used without obstruction on the lock nut.

The original tool has been out of production for some 15 years, but we have had it re-made from a cast of the original item.

Manufactured from Chome vandium, this product will never break under normal use for its intended purpose even in very busy Porsche dealer and independent workshops.

As being used around the world without complaint for 15 years, this product allows you to perform your own belt replacement and adjustment.

Note - due to increased demand, we have now had these products made in larger volumes which has allowed us to decrease the price to what you see today!

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