944 Fuel Injectors

Bosch made the fuel injectors for all Porsche 944, 924S and 968 models (as well as others) for Porsche.

Bosch have now discontinued manufacture of the original fuel injectors for our cars and Porsche have bought all the remaining stock in most cases from Bosch, for which they charge a large sum for.

In this department of our online shop, we have our solutions. In some cases we beat Porsche to scooping up the remaining Bosch stocks on some injectors, such as the 944 Turbo.

But also we have invested heavily in official Bosch approved equipment to re-manufacture their fuel injectors using in most cases all genuine new Bosch parts.

For some models, we keep re-manufactured injectors in stock, ready to be shipped to you on an exchange basis, where once you have installed our injectors, you can send back your old ones for a core refund.

This is not a simple clean and test process. At JMG we actually completely strip down the fuel injectors, test their coils for resistance and latency (speed of opening and closing) as well as testing the fuel injectors flow ability, the fuel injector then goes through several cleaning processes, using various chemicals and ultrasonic methods to strip all corrosion, dirt an even the original paint from the injectors, which are then completely rebuilt to factory fresh condition, freshly painted and ready to use.

We even use updated parts not available to Bosch, which are ethanol friendly for our modern fuels which in most of the western world now contain up to (and beyond in some places) 20% ethanol, which can ruin old original fuel injectors.

We offer a two year guarantee on all fuel injectors against any defects or faults.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returned fuel injectors which are not faulty (such as when you have ordered the wrong part, or you have changed your mind) if they have been used at all, as your fuel may have contaminated the injectors which then can not be re-sold without completely re-manufacturing them again.
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