944 and 924S

The Porsche 944 marked an agressive looking evolution for the Porsche 924 that Porsche had been making for several years.

The mid point of the evolution, the 944 was preceeded by the Porsche 924, 924 Turbo and experienced its own evolution with the 944S, 944S2 and 944 Turbo. Eventually replaced by the 968, the Porsche 944 in many Porsche enthusiasts eyes signifies Porsche design at its best.

All products with 9XX in the name are designed by Jon Mitchell at JMG Porsche, in colaboration with Roy Alner, both under the brand name of 9XX.

All 9XX products are designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

We do not believe in reinventing the wheel, so if there is a better product out there, we would not have developed the product and we would not continue to list it. So you can be assured with 9XX that the product you buy is the right choice and the best option available.

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