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9XX Anti Reversion Tube for Tial 46mm Wastegates

9XX Anti Reversion Tube for Tial 46mm Wastegates

Our Price: £154.95

9XX Anti Reversion Tube for 944 Turbo with Tial 46mm Wastegates

Due to popular demand, we have adapted the anti reversion wastegate tube from our 9XX Pro Wastegate kit to fit the popular Tial46 wastegate.

Now owners already with the Tial46 wastegate can benefit from some of the gains of the 9XX wastegate kits anti reversion exit tube.

This item allows the Tial46 wastegate to fit the 944 turbo (951) perfectly and without hassle or poorly designed brackets and adapters, making a Tial46 wastegate a easy fit option to your 951

This item includes everything not included in a Tial46 wastegate to install it, including sealing rings and instructions!

The anti reversion tube, not only joins the Tial46 to a standard or aftermarket exhaust system, but also hinders the passage of exhaust pulses trying to force open the wastegate at times when you need it to stay closed.

This item is not available for any other wastegate other than the Tial46 or the 9XX Dual Port 46 wastegate (only available as a kit)

Installation of this item, and your Tial wastegate can be performed at the JMG workshop very quickly and for an affordable price. Call the JMG team on 01202 488800 for prices and details. Or alternatively, it can be easy fitted by a DIY enthusiast without special tools or equipment.